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Advance Hardware & Networking Course - Chromepet

Hardware and networking course is most valuable course which is suitable for 10th, 12th and any graduates and job opportunity is more, permanent employment, attractive salary, job security, enhanced career opportunity in ccna, ccnp, mcse, rhse, rhsa etc.

Hardware and Networking training courses are taken by experts who have practical knowledge in the networking field , our course curricullum is based comptia A+, N+ which contains smps, motherboard, r.a.m., harddisk, dvd drive, printer, scanned, mobile devices, wifi devices, monitor etc.

The concepts of electricity, electrical and electronic devices with special focus on their roles in the working of a computer
The fundamentals of PC Hardware
To assemble, configure and troubleshoot a PC/Laptop
Basic working of a computer
Fundamentals of electricity
Power supply
Fundamentals of digital electronics
Microprocessor fundamentals
Site preparation and environmental issues– User Acceptance
Identification, installation and troubleshooting of Processors
Identification, installation and troubleshooting of Memory
Identification, installation and troubleshooting of Motherboards
Identification, installation and troubleshooting of SMPS
Storage systems (IDE and SATA)
Storage system – removable(CD/DVD/Blue Ray)
Display devices and graphics card
Peripherals and input devices (Mouse, Keyboard, Scanners, Printers) and their troubleshooting
BIOS settings
Preventive maintenance of all the components of a computer
Gaming PCs and Server Hardware
To identify and test passive & active electronic components
Assemble PCs
Troubleshoot PC problems
Troubleshoot Laptop problems
Troubleshoot PC/Laptop peripheral problems (Printer/Scanner/Optical Drives/Hard Disk drives, etc.)
The fundamentals of Operating System and Networking
To install, manage and operate Client Operating System
To set up a computer network
To configure and troubleshoot WAN/Internet access on Laptops/Desktops
To configure wireless networks and securing client machines
Certifications mapped to MCTS (Windows 7 Desktop Operating System)
Operating system basics
Introduction to Windows XP,installation and customization
Introduction to Windows Vista,installation and customization
Installation and upgradation of Windows 7
Desktop customization and system utilities
Working with directory Managing user accounts and applications
Authentication and account control
Managing devices and disks
Network settings
Working with Internet Explorer
Windows update
Windows firewall settings
Resource sharing
Customizing Windows 7 Laptop
Troubleshooting Windows 7 environment
Remote management
Recovery and backup
Working with antivirus software
Introduction to computer networks
Working with Email clients
OSI model
Transmission media (UTP and STP)
Networking devices (Switches and Routers)
LAN standards
IP addressing
TCP/IP protocol suite
Structured cabling
Installing, configuring and troubleshooting wireless networks
Internet connection and sharing
Troubleshooting network problems using hardware and software tools
Install and configure Windows 7
Deploy Windows 7
Configure hardware and applications to work on Windows 7
Configure network connectivity
Take backup of and restore the system
Setup a Local Area Network (LAN)
Troubleshoot network problems

100% Practical training