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sk computer technologies

Hardware and Networking Course

ccna certification course



Hardware and networking course is most valuable course which is suitable for 10th, 12th and any graduates and job opportunity is more, permanent employment, attractive salary, job security, enhanced career opportunity in ccna, ccnp, mcse, rhse, rhsa etc.

Hardware and Networking training courses are taken by experts who have practical knowledge in the networking field , our course curricullum is based comptia A+, N+ which contains smps, motherboard, r.a.m., harddisk, dvd drive, printer, scanned, mobile devices, wifi devices, monitor etc.




  1. Testing of smps and voltages 5v, 3.3v, 12v, pson, sby, power good
  2. Discussion of Processor from pentium to I3, I5, I7 generation processor
  3. Motherboard chipset configuration and compatibility of processor
  4. Hard drives and Dvd drive assembling and dissembling and working principles
  5. R.A.M types DDR1, DDR2, DDR3, DDR4 and bus speed and support of motherboard
  6. New computer assembling  and dissembling
  7. Four different types of laptop assembling and dissembling
  8. Bios configuration and discussion of booting configuration
  9. Operating installation (win7, win8, win10) and procedure to follow
  10. Device drivers installation and searching in the internet
  11. Different type of application installation
  12. Os corrupted and how to take backup by ubuntu os
  13. How to take ghost backup and restore
  14. Windows administrator password cracking and login in
  15. Basic soldering
  16. Crimping cat5 or cat6 cabling with rj45 jack (straight and crossover)
  17. Windows ip address configuration and sharing files and printers
  18. Reworking of broken laptop and repair



  1. Installation of Window server 2012 and 2016
  2. Active directory domain services installation and promotion
  3. Users creation, unlock , properties configuration
  4. Groups creation and discussion different groups and scope
  5. Organization units and synchronization of groups and users
  6. Group policy creation and management
  7. Assigning and publishing printers, software installation, Desktop of appearances etc.
  8. Adding client computers
  9. Sharing files and ntfs permissions
  10. Creation of Virtual hard disk
  11. Windows Deployment Services and centralized installation of os , drivers
  12. Outlook  and thunder bird configuration
  13. Iscsi server and client configuration



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