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mobile repair course and laptop chiplevel training are both job assured and for self-business

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We are providing latest syllabus 200-125 of CCNA certification training programme , this gives opportunity of learning theortical as well as practical session from cisco routers. The ccna course provides you that knowledge about how to routers and switches. The ccna course is taught by experts who have gained experienced in the router and switching environment. SK Computer Technologies is one of the best CISCO CCNA certification training institute which provides a CCNA Certification & Training that certifies you at a certain level of knowledge in computer networks. In this Network course, you learn about Cisco networks, and especially about configuring routers and switches. After The Cisco CCNA certification you will have the knowledge of installing, configuring, operating, and troubleshooting most mid-to-large Cisco networks.

Cisco Certified Network Professional gives an opportunity to build a network professional and those who are all finished this course are able to configure and tune cisco routers and switches. Cisco provides three type of certificates such as routing, switching and troubleshooting. Wan protocols such as rip, eigrp, ospf and bgp are able to configure well and realtime scenerios are compared and easily understand concepts of routing and switching. Ipv6 configurations are implemented in th Wan and Lan technologies. Troubleshoot l3 and l2 protocols and and Identifying issues and fix the problems. Remote connectivity using virtual private networks can be used to connect enterprise head quarters to remote sites. Ipv6 shows how to configure RIPng, which supports IPV6 routing. Route redistribution into EIGRP, route redistribution into OSPF, and tuning route redistribution using route maps and distribute lists.Single and multi-homed internet connections are contrasted. Then, this chapter discusses a variety of external BGP (eBGP) configuration options.

Mcsa syllabus courses are covered the syllabus of installing and configuring windows server 2012, adminstering server and configuring advanced server infrastructure. Mcsa which provides classroom training will be given and complete knowledge about server services , how to install windows server 2012, configuring of services such as mail server, active directory domain services , configuring domain name server, dynamic host control protocol , remote administration etc. The Mcsa course is fully concentrated about how to create user groups, rights management system , creating certificates,authorising the client in remote management, taking backup of server , periodical systematic management etc. Mobilephone and smartphone, Laptop repairing course is becoming a great opportunity for those candidates who want to earn money just after finish their course. We come among the best mobile repairing institute in chennai with job placement assistance.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux includes military-grade security technologies—from network firewall control to secure containers for application isolation—to prevent intrusions and protect your data. With our Product Security Team's support of Red Hat Enterprise Linux, you can safely deploy apps across physical, virtual, and cloud environments. Rhsa means complete administration of linux and guiding about file systems , bash shell, partitioning such as lvm, boot, swap and root partition. Linux servers are used most of the portion bash shells and it it very effective and security is vulnerable, maintaining the process management and configuring on demand servers. RHCE is next level certification which provides complete knowlege of servers, nfs mount, samba server, http, ftp, tftp servers etc. For remote management is provided by iscsi as an san solution. and implementing fibre channelsin san. Firewall dameons are used to control services and full security is provided , implementing selinux policy for controlling ports such as ftp, http, tftp etc. Configuring DNS is implemented and controlling the client activity.

Mobile technology is ever growing industry and requirement of service providers are demanded situation. We have separate lab with well furnished such as soldering, hot air smd work station and provided individual attention to each student and separate experienced faculty is taken classes. Those who are new to electronics , we teach basic electronics and fundamentals are sufficently provided, after that , we go to the soldering and it is very important to handle smd workstation , once master the technology , motherboard chiplevel analysing with problem based troubleshoot and mostly concentrate smartphone block diagrams such as if the mobile phone is water damaged how to solve the problem, this type of teaching is given to the student . Our students are working in and around india and abroad and they are doing self-business in gulf countries. We provide ISO based certification is provided after satisfying the performance.

Nowadays, most of the people are laptop users and sales of the laptop also are increasing every year and well equipped service engineer are required to solve the hardware and software related issues. Good opportunity to starting new business becase less inverstment and more profit. Tools are available at affordable cost and we are providing training in the practical and problem solving . We provide that two type of courses , first level is laptop cardlevel and it contains complete desktop , laptop and networking and this course mainly focus on enriching knoledge of computer hardware and peripherals. Students are getting trained in laptop and desktop assembling , knowhow each configuration, how to assemble new laptop and troubleshooting hardware and software issues. Networking is related to connecting hub , switches and routers, how to crimp cat5 and cat6 cabling and ip configuration etc. Second level is complete master in laptop motherboard chip level and it is complete focus on basic electronics, soldering by iron soldering , smd rework station and bga machine level soldering. Circuit tracing is vital part of laptop motherboard course and practical method is taught by experienced faculty.

Computer hardware and networking is more job oriented course and nowadays more demand on this course because of voice and non-voice desktop service engineers are required in the IT industry. We are teaching the computer hardware and networking course in the model of A+ and N+ comptia syllabus, practical oriented teaching and discussing the realtime problem and sharing service enigineer experience. We are teaching laptop , desktop , printer, scanner, modem, router, switch, hub and their functions and how to troubleshoot and fix the problem is guided by the experienced faculty. Server courses are taught and how to configure domain controller, member servers, users and groups , priveleges and workstation. File servers are used to sharing the documents in the common environment and how users receive the documents and how to fix the rights and permission.

Laptop chiplevel, Mobile phone and smartphone training course




Laptop chiplevel, Mobile phone and smartphone training course

SK Computer Technologies offers training to Students for career oriented specialized courses in Laptop Repairing at chip level, mobile phone and SmartPhone repair training course, Laptop Card level training course, CCNA, Computer Hardware and Networking and no age bar.
Hundreds of students trained by us are highly successfull in their life. Many are working with reputed service centres and many have set up their own businesses and shops.

Laptop cardlevel and chiplevel course

Laptop chip level repair course is one of the highly demanding course among the students. No technical skills are perquisite to join laptop repairing course in chennai. We offer both Chip level Laptop Repairing Course and Card Level Laptop Repairing Course.  We are the Best Laptop chip level training Institute in  chennai and we provide 100% practical training in chip level and give assistance for placement

Mobile phone servicing and smart phone repair course

cell phone and smartphone servicing training course is becoming a great opportunity for those candidates who want to earn money just after finish their course. We  come among the best mobile phone training institute in chennai with job placement assistance. We provide hands-on practical training  to our so they will become mobile repair expert.

Ours is an Institute which offers various kinds of courses for those who are interested to get into the field of Laptop servicing and repairing. We teach various things like repairing the different chips of the laptop, various other hardware and networking programs. Our institute does not just offer their students a chance to learn, however on completion of the course we also provide assistance for Jobs and Business support.  We have a lab which is well equipped with all the latest technology as well as well maintained.

SK Computer Technologies is one of the Best CISCO CCNA certification training institute which provides a CCNA Certification & Training that certifies you at a certain level of knowledge in computer networks. In this Network course, you learn about Cisco networks, and especially about configuring routers and switches. CCNA course fees are quite reasonable and affordable to students from all background.
Mcsa certification training course which will provide, system administrator of windows domain and this course will provide complete windows domain administration, adcs, adfs and adrms etc. This course contains creating users, groups, domain tree, sites , failover recovery and infrastructure management. Microsoft is providing certificate exams such as mcsa, mcse, mcts etc.
Rhse certification training course which will comple linux domain administrator and enhance skills in the command in line and it is more secure and cost efficient server. Redhat conducts exams such as rhsa and rhse and which provides to students test their skills


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