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Laptop Repair Course

laptop repair course chennai




Sk computer technologies is providing excellent training for laptop repair course which is consists of types of processors such as I3, I5, I7, motherboard chipsets and functions, different type of r.a.m, Hard disk assembling and dissembling, Dvd drive troubleshooting, assembling new computer for customers, different type of laptop assembling and dissembling such as Dell, Hp, Acer and Hcl etc.

We are more concentration of practical oriented training which is more on demand in the job markets, our lab is more equipped to use our students and providing job opportunity to the students who have qualified to meet industries demands.

Laptop repair course is more demand in the job market, it is easy to learn and get job opportunity in major IT and ITES. We have connected with HR consultants who are supporting us to place students in L1, L2 support engineers.

Desktop and Laptop Assembling and Dissembling

  • Knowledge of Processors such as I3, I5, I7 and their Generations
  • Motherboard Chipsets and Upgradation
  • Discussion about perhiperals, compatability of processors and motherboard
  • New Desktop Assembling and Dissembling
  • Providing four laptop for assembling and dissembling
  • Discussion of DDR, DDR2 and DDR3 R.A.M types and usage

Operating System and Installation

  • Formatting and Installation of Operating System
  • Types of OS Installation Windows7, Windows8, Windows10
  • Driver Installation
  • Application Installation
  • Operating System Backup and Restore

Local Area Connection

  • Crimping Cat5, Cat5e
  • Straight and Crossover Cabling
  • Ping Ip address and checking Connectivity
  • Files and Folder sharing
  • Sharing Internet to Local Area Connection

Data Recovery

  • Backing up Data through ubuntu OS
  • Operating System Unlocking

Laptop Broken and Rework

  • Broken laptop and Reworked Manually
  • Hinges Replacement and Corrosion Repair

Upgradation of Perhiperals

  • Upgradation of R.A.M, Hard Disk
  • Replacement of Keypad, TouchPad
  • LCD and LED Replacement and Inverter Checking

Hardware and Software Troubleshooting

  • power on self test
  • Motherboard problem identification
  • No detection and repair logic board
  • Dvd drive read and write problem
  • Network troubleshooting
100% Practical Training