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Red Hat Certification Course


SK Computer Technologies puts their efforts to provide RHCSA certification for those who want to make future as a core system administrator in Red hat enterprises, Linux environment etc.We provide RHCSA training to all students at a very reasonable fees which they can afford.
This course also offers the following things:
It covers topics like proper utilization of regular expressions, pipelines to search patterns in search and outlook, command line, access at local and remote level, managing LVM snapshots and simple partitions such as swap and encrypted partitions.
It also tells the students about how to analyze and store rSyslog and managing various processes like identification and termination of these processes, managing client slide repository files, managing SELinux for activated and deactivated purposes to set file contexts.
SK Computer Technologies also covers topic like how to connect a central LB appliance directory transaction service and so on.

RH124 starts with GNOM, graphical desktop managing logical volumn and system disk, configuration of local services (date, time and printer).
Monitoring system resources like CPU, memory and disk utilization. It also includes the basic concepts of shell and use of job control techniques. Students will also learn about how to established network connectivity, how to control boot process, installation of Linux graphically, installation and management of virtual machines, deployment of web and FTP servers, understanding and managing the concepts of SELinux.


100% Practical Training