Comptia A+ hardware course chennai


Comptia A+ hardware course chennai

Comptia A+ (A Plus)  is an entry level computer hardware technician course for computer service technicians. The exam is designed to get proficiency and industry needed skill to maintain computers and laptops. Comptia conducts exams for A+ hardware course and is valued by multinational companies and hiring candidates for A+ hardware certifications.

Comptia A+ (A plus) Hardware course in chennai

Introduction of Computers and Laptops

Processor and its generations

Desktop assembling and dissembling

Laptop assembling and dissembling

Laptop screen replacement

Upgrading of R.A.M and Hard disk

Motherboard and its Chipsets family

Memory and its types

Storage and discuss hdd, sata, ssd sata, ssd nvme

Smps and its functions

Ports serial, parallel, hdmi, usb, dvi, etc.

Sata, M.2 slot, wifi slot, r.a.m slot

Dismantling of  hard disk and working functions

Dvd drive dismantling and working functions

Led and Lcd and its working functions

Modem and working functions

Dot matrix printer and its working principle

Ink jet printer and its working principle

Laser jet printer and its working functions

Cabling and its types

Crimping utp cables

Windows os installation

Linux os installation

Device driver installation

Applications install

Performance of windows os

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