ink jet printer course chennai
laster printer repairing coruse chennai
dotmatrix printer repairing course chennai

We teach in printer repairing course, dot matrix, inkjet and laser printers, complete assembling and dissembling , usage of sensors, motors, levers, scanner units and pf rollers, chip level motherboards etc.  This printer repairing course is helpful to handle corporate and home segments customers.

 Printer repairing course in chennai

Working principle of Dot matrix printer

function of dot matrix printer

logic board analysis and trouble shooting

assembling and dissembleing dot matrix printer

function diagram of inkjet printer

assembling and dissembling of inkjet printer

sensor, motor, head sensing analysis

working principle of laser printer

checking sensor of page feeder and home sensor

motherboard repairing of laser printer

refilling of toner, change drum, wiper blades etc.

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