ac inverter pcb course in chennai

Ac Inverter motherboard pcb course chennai

Ac inverter pcb motherboard course in chennai is new technology of air conditioning system  and output is DC and used dc compressor and current is limited by micro controller and sensing the current and intelligent power module is used to switch three phases.

Basic electronics

voltage , current , power

resistor, capacitor ,coil, mosfet, diode, igft , ipm etc.

Relay working and functions

optocoupler and triac

working function of sensors such as room, evaporator coil sensor

Indoor pcb and working principle

microcontroller communication

outdoor pcb communication

smps circuit and standby voltages 5v, 12v, 15v

Relay driver circuit with microcontroller

optocoupler ic is used for current sensing section

Dc bldc motor circuit diagram

Problem finding with error codes

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