Ac inverter pcb repairing course chennai

Ac inverter pcb repairing course chennai


Sk computer technologies is training for ac inverter pcb  course, this type of motherboard is more demandable , ac  related problems is coming  related to ac pcb , it is required  a skillset to repair motherboard , required knowledge of fundamentals about basic electronics, working principle of ac inverter motherboard etc.


ac inverter pcb repairing course chennai

Ac Inverter pcb repairing course chennai

Voltage , Current and Power

Checking of Resistor, Capacitor, Coil, Diode ,Transistor

Knowledge of Mosfet  and how to checking Mosfet

Working principle of IGFT checking of Igft

Working principle of Relay  and hot checking relay

Working of Transformer and Optocoupler 

Knowledge of Microcontroller and its functions

Theory of Intelligent power modules and how to check it

Checking of room sensor and coil sensor

Thermistor checking ntc and ptc

Soldering iron and smd workstation

Function diagram of Indoor and Outdoor invertor pcb 

Error codes of Ac  and identifying the problem

Checking voltages of indoor and outdoor motors  

Compressor voltages W V U

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