best laptop chip evel training institute chennai

Chip level training in chennai

Chip level training in chennai consists complete smd components such as resistor, capacitor, coil, transistor, mosfet different type of ics and bga level chipset ics components level checking and tracing the circuit with the help of schematic based search and soldering the components and ics through smd workstations and using bga machines and flashing bios eprom chip and super IO (micro controller chip).   Sk computer technologies is provided training advanced laptop chip level motherboard both desktop and laptop with experienced trainers.  Advanced laptop chip level course starts from basic electronics , soldering of smd components such as resistors, capacitors, coil, mosfet and ics (sop and qfn). 19.5v is traced for short circuit  and it is main voltage for all mosfets which is connected integrated circuits.

We have seperated advanced laptop technician course level 1 and level2 . Level 1 consists of basic structure of cpu and motherboard chipset configuration, r.a.m section , laptop and desktop  assembling and dissembling and os installation, network , rework etc.  Level consists of complete chip level training and troubleshooting with motherboard faults.

Level 1 Card level

Knowledge about processor and generation

Motherboard support with latest processor

Details about R.A.M and bus speed compatible

Hard disk and ssd

Assembling and dissembling of desktop and laptop

Os installation and booting process

Device driver and application installation

Os backup and password crack

Networking essentials and network devices

Crimping of Rj 45 and lan configuration.

Files and Printer sharing

Reworking of laptop broken

Level 2 Laptop motherboard chip level repairing

Basic  electronics

Checking of resistor, capacitor, coil and mosfet etc.

soldering of power ic , charging ic, sio and bga  ic demo

Practical troubleshooting and general problems no display and no power

Schematic based  tracing of over all motherboard

Bios flashing.

Section based troubleshooting charging section, power section, processor section, r.a.m section etc.

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