mobile repairing course in chennai

mobile repairing course chennai

Want to learn mobile repairing course around chennai or near your destination , we conduct classes for mobile repairing course from the basic to advance chip level mobile repairing course , for enquiry call us 9444180072 / 9841925321. Real time and 100 percent practical and provide job opportunities.  Our  mobile repairing course fees Rs.18000 for advanced smartphone course and iphone repairing course fees Rs.23000/-.  We are conducting classes for mobile repairing course online in chennai and abroad.

Sk computer technologies chip level training institute is conducting classes for  mobile repairing course  in Chennai with complete chip level training with deep understanding, interactive class room with good equipped facility. We are divided mobile repairing courses Advanced  mobile repairing course, iphone repairng course, emmc course.  Best iphone repairing course starting from basic mobile phone repairing, smartphone and iphone schematics and comparing android mobile phone and iphone circuit diagram circuit analaysis and providing theory knowledge.

 mobile  repairing course consists of broken screen replacement such as  samsung amoled display , iphone glass replacement, mobile glass and mobile display refurbished,  android os installation , frp removal of samsung, moto, vivo , oneplus cellphone , ic reballing, black and white paste removal, micro level jumpering in ic level and smartphone motherboard level, no network issue , replacement of baseband ic  placement, screen replacement, mobile motherboard water damaged problem, charging problem. 

Iphone repairing course consists of display replacement, home sensor replacement, iphone 10 motherboard  bificuration, chip level schematic analysis, double decker ic (cpu and r.a.m) reballing , black and white glue cutting and placing the ic etc.

Emmc course includes different type of software boxes and usage of android mobile installation, boot mobile repair, reballing of emmc and ufs ics, frp reset and unlock, mobile phone data recovery from dead phone, upgradation of emmc and replacing faulty emmc and new emmc programming and pin details of clk, cmd, data, vccp, vcc and gnd.

Basic Electronics

Voltage, current and power

resistor, capacitor, inductor, diode, mosfet, transistor and all smd components

soldering of all smd ics, and components

Reballing of cpu, power ic, charging ic, network ic etc.

glue removal of white pasted and black pasted ics

practical trouble shooting  with the help of DC source

combo replacement and glass seperation 

schematic based charging section, network section, power ic etc.

Android software installation and knowledge of frp lock

Class timings : 7-9am, 10-12pm, 4.30 pm, 6.30-8.30 pm and saturday and sunday classes

Fees: Nominal fees 

Course completion certificate issued after successful completion

Doubts is cleared after completion of course by whatsapp.

Students are eligible only after successful completion of Advanced smartphone course.

Knowledge of emmc ic and ufs ic 

emmc pinout such as  clk, cmd, data, vcc vccq

ufi box installation and configuration

how to take back boot files and exd files

Boot repair

emmc health check

replacement of emmc chip and upgrade

multiple software boxes usage software flashing ufi, miracle and umt pro dongle


Who can mobile repairing technician

Sk computer technologies is conducting classes for mobile repairng technician, the syllabus full practical trainig  which is level 1, level 2 level 3 and level 4 technician course.

Level 1: how to identify the problem without dismantling mobile phone , diagnois  whether hardware or software problem, sometime setting related issues,  problem may be sim not identify , solution may be insert sim properly, identify sim through software etc.

Level 2: display and glass replacement, display working properly but glass damage, through seperation machine, we isolate glass and display, mic and speaker problem etc.

Level 3: Software issues which is reinstalled the mobile phone android and ios installed, camera app is not working , we will install app seperately.

Level 4: It is purely motherboard problem, dead condition, hang on, reset phone, network issues, short circuit in the mobile motherboard etc.

The above said  all level is taught by 20 plus experienced faculties,  full gudiance is given , how to purchase material, entreneurship is conducted  how to start new mobile repairing shop and run successful.

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